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        2. Talent Strategy

            1. Focus on talent training

              In addition to the introduction of strategic talents, they are mainly cultivated by themselves. In the process of cultivating talents, the corporate culture must be permeated into the thoughts and thinking of each person, so as to form a unique corporate culture. In terms of talent training, The first is to give talents a broad development platform, the second is to strengthen training channels to combine internal training with external training, and the third is to carry forward the company’s excellent tradition of "passing, helping, and bringing together, and through effective training mechanisms, to achieve the best In his job, he maximizes his strengths and avoids weaknesses so that every employee can find a platform for self-realization.
            1. Talent incentive

              Perfecting the talent incentive mechanism is one of the important tasks of the company at this stage. How to retain talents and how to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees is the subject of the company's research. In addition to material incentives, it is also supplemented by spiritual incentives to provide spiritual food. To enrich the spiritual world of employees. In addition, we must continuously improve the company's working and living environment, and give high awards to those who have the ability to innovate and make outstanding contributions to the technological revolution.
            1. Learning Organization

              "Diligent learning, self-transcendence, continuous improvement" puts the company in a continuous learning and progress, and emphasizes the improvement of organizational quality. Especially in terms of cultivating a sense of competition and teamwork, we must go to a higher level. Organize staff training and learning in a planned way to create an efficient team and learning organization.
            1. Talent pool

              The reserve of talents is an integral part of the human resources strategy. The company will implement a "successor" system and sign talent introduction agreements with universities to form an echelon of talent reserves. To this end, the company will also set up a talent reserve fund.