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        2. Bali Holiday Hotel

                  Ningbo Bali Holiday Hotel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bali Holiday Hotel”) is a subsidiary of Ningbo Fangli Group. It is a super four-star hotel with a unique Southeast Asian style with the core concept of "enjoy the slow life of the city and soft time" boutique hotel.

                  Bali Holiday Hotel is located in Bali Xindi Commercial Plaza, a prosperous area in the center of Yinzhou, Ningbo. It is adjacent to Impression City, 20 minutes' drive from Ningbo Railway Station and 30 minutes' drive from Lishe Airport. The transportation is convenient and the environment is beautiful. The hotel has 135 sets of exquisite guest rooms with different styles, providing guests with a warm urban exquisite slow life and soft time leisure experience. Located on the 17th floor of the hotel, Bali Island Restaurant, a stylish music restaurant with tropical rainforest characteristics, provides gourmet food, beautiful scenery, elegant music, and exotic sounds and flavors for guests to enjoy a beautiful experience; small and medium multifunctional banquet halls are equipped with advanced audio-visual Equipment and professional banquet planning services can meet your ultimate meeting and banquet needs; the hotel’s well-built fitness and entertainment facilities will bring unlimited fun and comfort to your leisure time.

                  Bali Holiday Hotel takes "hospitality and hospitality" as its service approach, and perfectly combines the exotic style of Southeast Asia with quality services, allowing you to find a peaceful, comfortable and warm harbor during your busy journey and life.