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        2. 282019/08

            Urban leaders cared for condolences and sent coolness

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                  In the scorching summer of August, the assembly workers were sweating hard in the workshop. At the time of hard work, Dai Liguang, Chairman of the Working Committee of the National People's Congress, visited our factory to show condolences to the frontline employees, and passed the coolness and care to the employees. Dai Liguang had a detailed understanding of the production and living conditions of front-line workers, praised everyone's contribution to industrial development, and asked our company to pay more attention to the majority of employees while doing a good job in production, and to further create a good working environment. Also with him were Xu Huisu, deputy director of the National People's Congress Working Committee, Ma Sujun, member of the Political and Legal Committee, and Xu Gang, director of the Agricultural Affairs Office. They also talked cordially with employees and urged them to pay attention to their bodies in a hot working environment.

                   During the visits by the leaders, the employees who received condolences said that they would overcome all the difficulties of summer work and complete their tasks successfully.